Soaring High

Pen and ink on paper (10x7 inches)

Belonging from a socio-cultural ambience quite misogynist in
its nature, sometimes it feels like ,it is quite a feat ,to be a girl and
pursue one's dream ,simultaneously. There are a series of spooky looking hands
and thorny plants coming into the space .The black hands representing men; who
are trying to grab her by the aura and drag her down; while the white hands
represents the women, points in mocking and making gestures to convince her to
stop. Evidently, patriarchy is not mobilised only by men. But the figure escaped over them in an intention of breaking free.

  • Jessica Lizeth Torres
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  • The strength in this piece is carried by the symbolism and the elements used to invoke the message. Thank you for touching on a truth about misogyny and patriarchy- its not solely males that perpetuate this (just like its not only females that get victimized). Its inspiring to see the divine feminine figure rising above the hands and thorns while leaving a trail of light that reminds me of fairy dust.

  • Thank you for your kind remarks, and letting me know how you feel about the work. I think the problem about gender-inequality is global, and it's important to initiate more dialogue. I see art as a strong equipment in generating and mobilising views and ideas. And its good to see the efforts are being met with response. Thank you.