I am Sampurna, an art practitioner based in India. I did my BFA from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, with a Semester-long International Academic Exchange Programme at Koninklijke Academy van Beeldende Kunste, Den Haag (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague), Netherlands. My practice ranges in Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary forms, including Analogue, Digital, Visual, Audio-visual, Still and Moving Images, Narrative, Performative and Interactive Art. My primary interest is the expression and different interpretations of it, its psychology and subtle dynamism. I find my subjects from my surroundings, everyday interactions, nature, the people, and events; seeped through my correlation and perspective. I also find inspiration from various art forms, both oriental and western, taking the language and interpreting it in my own way. I like to experiment with different mediums, responding to their subsequent characters and qualities and using them in favour of my image-making.

My method of image making takes its form out of a prolonged visual process, including visual and thematic research, sketches and layouts. After adjusting and arranging them per my desired atmosphere, I reach my final composition. I perceive my process as a visual journey in which the path is as critical as the destination. Research is a deeply integrated part of my process and intends to reveal the audience's experience in a layered manner. I also like to explore the different emotional expressions the different colours produce. I am deeply interested in the mundane, subdued, imperceptible and unrepresentable, and bringing them to the sensory realm through allegory and visual and literary storytelling.

In 2017 I received Greenshields Scholarship by Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, Canada. In 2018, I attended the IESEG International Summer Academy, with a Merit scholarship awarded by the IESEG School of Management, France. Currently, I am pursuing my MA in Visual Arts from Ambedkar University, Delhi.

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